Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Trying to catch up

I have really been up to my eyeballs lately. Not only dealing with garbage and selling, but I got a small part-time work at home job as well, so unfortunately, the blog has been a bit neglected lately. Sorry about that!

Let's catch up a bit and take a look at what I managed to save from the curb...

This cute serving tray folds up flat for easy storage.

This very retro looking side table had a matching dresser, but I couldn't get it into my car alone. It was on a fairly busy and curvy road, and it was night time, so I could only safely manage to quickly grab the side table. I ended up selling it for $40, which makes me wonder how much I could have gotten for the dresser. I really hope someone else managed to grab it before the truck came in the morning.

An old canvas print

 A beautiful needle point

And a cute little 3 legged table. The lady at the second hand store said it was snatched up about 5 seconds after I brought it in. :)

This old frame would look nice if it was painted white and given that "shabby chic" look. I don't know yet if I'll do that myself, or just add it to the garage sale pile to sell cheap for someone else to tackle the project

This stereo is now in my son's room above his desk and he listens to it every day while doing his homework 

I stopped to take a look at a desk at one pile, but the condition wasn't great. Inside was an old sticker book. I quickly opened it up and saw a bunch of Nintendo collectors cards inside. Nintendo stuff is always very collectible, so I grabbed it, and at home, managed to get all the cards out with the help of some dental floss.

There was also a page full of these stickers I remember collecting as a kid. Unfortunately, I couldnt get these off the page as they were stuck on.

This beautiful vintage lamp has a really cool lily pad base. The bottom is marked L&L WMC but I have not been able to find an exact match online. I did find out that very similar ones by the same company were listed as being mid-century, so 1950's-60's I guess.  Unfortunately there was no shade with it, but iI did manage to find a well fitting white shade at the second hand store for $3 :)

I also had to stop for this giant tiger who just sat beside the cans guarding them. He is supposed to make roaring sounds, but it seems someone tore out the electronics for it.

I also had to stop for this cute desk. It looks like someone had tried to paint it (and didn't do a very good job, unfortunately) and wanted to modernize the knobs. I didn't have the room to store it at the time, but I took a gamble thinking I could probably sell it quickly, which I did, thankfully, for $75.

From some other spots I pulled out...

This Safari themed bathroom set

 A big box full of CD's

A doggie carrier

 and this doggie carry bag

Also various leads, collars etc... I donated these to a dog rescue that my husbands work is involved with.

 Cute knick knacks

A laminated poster

This thing that takes up almost my entire kitchen floor was a bit of a mystery, but I looked up the brand name that was listed on it and it turned out it is either a motor cycle, skidoo or ATV cover. Not a single rip or tear to be found in it.

a ski ensemble was also in the bag with it, so I'm leaning more towards skidoo.

This rocking chair just has a small chip out of one of the wooden slats. No big deal :) I couldn't leave it to be munched up by the garbage truck, so it now sits on my back deck.

I also grabbed this chair because I liked the look of it.

The legs and general shape of the frame say mid-century modern to me, but I have never seen a chair with a curved back like that. I did ask on a Reddit forum if anyone could ID it and nobody could.

I could tell the cushion wasn't original as it looked too big and "fat". Looking underneath, you can see that it had at least 3 makeovers, and once I removed all that material, I could also see that the original foam cushion had been ripped off the wood. There may also be the faint outline on the wood where a label may have been. I wish the previous owner had left it on as I'd love to know what it said and if it would have told me who made the chair. If anyone reading has any idea, please contact me or leave a comment below.

Anyways, it's back off to work for me. I'll try not to wait so long again for the next entry! Keep looking out for treasures, and happy picking!

Friday, April 29, 2016

The big garbage dump in the sky

It is with sadness that I have to announce the death of Marvin the Garbage Cat. :(

When he first got here, he took every opportunity he could to hide and then bolt out the second the door opened. We have a large outdoor enclosure for the cats that they can access from a window in the house, but that wasn't enough for him, and he even managed to bust through the wire of it a few times to make his escape.

Whenever he got out, he would make his way up the road to a campground and hang out with the campers there. He had tags on, so I was called a few times to come and get him. I tried my hardest to keep him in so he wouldn't be a pest, but it isn't always easy with 3 kids going in and out all the time. 

In the fall the campers would leave, and Marvin slowed down a lot during the winter. He didn't really try to go out at all. I figured his age was catching up with him as he was already quite old when I rescued him. He hung out in the kitchen almost 24/7 taking every opportunity he could to try to steal our meals off our plates, tear into packages of food we had foolishly left out, and get into the trash. He was super laid back and chilled out, and always came over to check out my garbage treasures, usually sitting and sleeping on them. This was Marvin's signature "stamp of approval".

On the weekend we had guests over, and during all the in's and out's, Marvin probably escaped.  It was a beautiful sunny and warm weekend, so I didn't really blame him for wanting to go out to enjoy it. Nobody saw how or when, but at one point, we noticed there was no Marvin trying to steal our food at dinner time.

Our guests left and there was still no Marvin to be found. I was waiting for the call from the campground, but after 2 days, I still heard nothing. I had to go out to run an errand, and when I was coming back home, I saw something no pet owner wants to see. As I came down the road to the house, I saw Marvin at the side of the road. He had been hit by a car on his way back home. :( 

I feel horrible and guilty about it. I can only hope it was instant and that his last few days were his best as he enjoyed lying in the grass with the warm sun coming down on him.

Rest in Peace Marvin. I'm sorry it ended for you like this. Enjoy scouring that big garbage dump in the sky.

Marvin approving of a toy garage I brought home from a garbage pile.
 Hug your fur friends tight.

Thursday, March 31, 2016

That glow

After my last post, a reader contacted me and let me know that the ice cream bowls I had posted about could be made of something called "uranium glass" also known as vaseline glass. I looked it up online and found that uranium glass glows under UV light. I sent the bowls in to work with my husband where they have a UV light for checking out currency, and sure enough, he sent me these pictures of them glowing up a storm.

How cool is that? It's kind of like finding hidden treasure in my garbage treasure :)

So, here is a look at the things I picked up on my latest run.

At a pile with a "SOLD!" sign at the curb, I rescued...

This large flower print. Not a thing wrong with it. Check out the original price on the back.


This little baggie of NHL collector coins. I tried to find out more about them, but after many Google searches, I just couldn't find ones that looked exactly the same. If anyone out there knows where they may have come from, please let me know.

Here is a closer look at them and their size

And this CD mixing machine. No cord was found, but they can be ordered online for about $12. My husband gave this to a co-workers son who has a lot of DJ-ing equipment. He'll tinker with to see if he can get it working with any of his equipment and cords. If so, we'll go ahead and order the cord online and re-sell it. Fingers crossed!

Daintily placed on top of the garbage bags of another pile were these decorative wall items. 

A nice plate rack

This mirrored tea light holder

and this shelf/towel holder. This still has part of a plastic tag on it. It was in impeccable shape, so I doubt it was ever used or hung up.

You can see the plastic tag holder still hanging on it on the left.

This snowboard is still in great shape 

As are these Judo outfits (though I threw them in the was anyways before I donated them)

At another pile with a bunch of crappy furniture, I pulled a few household things out to donate to the second hand store like hair dryers, curlers, and straighteners. There was also a box full of electronic junk with a ton of cords and stuff that the scrappers would love, but at the bottom of the box was something that I wanted. I couldn't get it all untangled though, so I pulled whatever was mixed up with it and just threw it into my car to deal with at home. Old Nintendo consoles are really collectible right now, and I could quickly sell this one for about $60-$70, but I have a real soft spot for Nintendo stuff, so I tend to keep and hoard it :P

At another pile I took a box that contained...

2 different cordless phone sets

a pretty beaded snowflake tree skirt


and this wooden storage box that looks like a book

At another pile I found this bird cage that included an unopened package of food, some sanded paper liners and a cuttlebone. Everything looks pretty unused, so I don't think they ever got that pet bird. 


They also had out 3 boxes... one contained 31 wine glasses, and 2 were full of glass mugs. The mug boxes have 2 layers of 24 mugs each. That's a total of 96 mugs! I wonder if these people owned a restaurant or something, or maybe they just bought and used them for an event and didn't know what to do with them all afterwards.


I quickly stopped and grabbed this flower print which was leaned up against a can. It's got a sticker on the back indicating it was professionally framed. I find it rather pretty so I'm going to keep it for my wall of found art that I'm hoping to get up this summer.


I stopped at the next pile to grab a nice looking shelf. There are a few dings on it that can easily be touched up, but it was probably thrown out because one of the decorative "X" things was broken. The broken one was quite obvious on one of the sides, but I managed to pry out an unbroken one from further down below and have them switch places. Now it's much less noticeable.

Can you spot the broken one?

Also at this pile was a kids keyboard that still had some of the packaging screwed into the back of it. I'm pretty sure it's been used as there is a ripped sticker and a few small marks on it, so I wonder what the reasoning was to keep the cardboard packaging on?

I also picked up this twin bed set with a comforter, pillow case, and sham all in excellent shape.


At another pile I spotted some Rock Band drums sticking out of a box. I see so many Rock Band drums and guitars, it's crazy. I grabbed the guitars for the second hand store, and a small computer monitor that was in there too, but I didn't have any room for the drums. In the box I also pulled out a Playstation 2 system and remotes, but I oddly didn't find any games at all.


There was also another box with a pair of roller blades and a full set of pads inside

And lastly at another pile I picked up...

A pristine Reebok hockey bag

 This cool vintage wizard game

 And this old comic

Right on the back of the front cover is a full page ad geared towards kids on getting their first gun. Oh how the times have changed!

That's all for this entry! Keep looking out for treasures (and the hidden treasures within them!), and happy picking!